About Us

Gyllstad is all about passion for prints and colours! Modern and organic, yet with a timeless touch. Designed by Ulrika Gyllstad and sustainably produced in Sweden & EU with great care for nature and for our fellow humans. 

How It all started

In 2014 I decided to launch a sustainable textile collection in my own name – and the Gyllstad collection and brand was born. The idea had been on my mind for quite some time. To be able to do what I love the most, sharing my great passion for colours and prints in a sustainable way. Before this I had been working for quite a number of years as a fashion designer with H&M and GANT among others. I also did some freelance work for brands within interior print design. This all lead me to start my very first own brand in 2007 together with a friend. We named our brand after my dear and stylish aunt BANTIE. She had a fabric store where I literally grew up. This had a huge impact on me and lead to my choice of becoming a designer. Me and my former colleague later took different paths and our brand was put to rest, but my aunt BANTIE, who is no longer with us, is still a great source of inspiration for me. In addition to my design, quality and sustainability are equally important to me. This is why all of our cotton fabrics are produced from GOTS-certified yarns. This is also why we keep our production as close as possible. Weaving all our fabrics in Sweden, printing and manufacturing in Estonia/EU.



Today – I’m still truly passionate about colours, prints & interiors, more than ever. Happy to be designing fabrics and every day objects for you, your kids and your home. Encouraging people to dare to use colours and prints at home and in their daily life. I'm blessed to be working with skilled people around me, and we are constantly trying to make long term, sustainable choices. No one can be perfect in this regard, and being a small company is sometimes a challenge, but every day we aim to make informed choices and reduce our footprints as best we can. Our collection is growing steadily as well as our number of retailers and markets. Gyllstad is now proudly represented across Europe as well as in Asia. The US and Australia are still to come. The future holds many exciting opportunities that we want to explore. Since several years now there are two of us in the company. In Fanny I found a truly great colleague!

With colourful love from us,

Ulrika & Fanny