My design process often starts with finds from nature that fascinates me. I collect things like seeds, pods and leaves and put them under my microscope for a closer look. In there a whole new world opens. Nature is amazing!

All my prints are drawn by hand, and my computer is merely used to work on the colours and repeats. I like the nerve and presence of the human hand in a print. My love for colours has grown stronger and stronger through the years, working in fashion and interiors. My aim is to design modern prints and products, with a timeless touch, for people to live with for a long time.

I was always fascinated by patterns, and never ending repeats. I can recall lying in my childhood room, following the print of my floral wallpaper. Ever since then, prints and colours are like magic to me. I see patterns everywhere I go, in nature as well as in urban landscapes. I always carry my sketchbook around to make sketches and notes.

When creating my prints, I put a lot of effort into the repeats. A well designed print flows without your eyes fixing on any particular part. Creating the repeat is often the hardest and most time consuming part of my design process, but also one of the parts I like the most. In my opinion, a good repeat makes all the difference in a print. I like to keep our products clean to let the prints speak.

I collect colour references in all forms for my colour library. I use boxes for every colour group, where I save all kinds of yarns, textiles, paper cuts and more. I guess you could say I'm a bit possessed by colours.

At Gyllstad, we work with colour families for our collections. Each colour family contains several prints for mixing and matching. New prints are added to former colour families, as the collection grows. All to make it easy for you to add new favorites to your home or to your project. They all go together. We keep prints and colours in our collection for several seasons, as we believe in creating modern design with a timeless touch, rather than trendy expressions.