It’s important for me to know the people behind our production personally, to be able to build long lasting and sustainable relationships. It's equally important that everyone in our production is fairly paid. This is why we have chosen to place our production in Sweden and Europe.

Everything starts with our soft GOTS-certified organic cotton. The cotton is combed at the factory after spinning, to remove any short fibers. This gives the yarn lustre, a smooth finish, and also makes it more durable. Organic cotton naturally contains more fruit waxes than chemically treated cotton. This makes our organic fabric more resistant to dirt and staining.

After spinning, our yarn is sent to Berghems Väveri here in Sweden. A family business established in the 1950’s and run by the same family since then. Together with them we have developed our fabrics, exclusive to Gyllstad, to be strong and durable but still soft to the touch. It takes many years and a lot of experience to master the art of weaving, and we are very proud of our great collaboration with the skilled weavers at Berghems Väveri.

One of the things I love about my job is working in the print factory. Here I am discussing a test print with the skilled staff at our factory in Estonia. I learn so much from them every time we meet. Like how to mix pigments to get that exact shade I’m looking for. All pigments used for printing our fabrics are approved by GOTS. The feeling is indescribable, when a new print comes out of the one hundred metres long machine, looking just like I imagined it.

There is one screen drum for every colour in a print, and each drum can be adjusted individually during printing. Colours are printed from light to dark in up to twelve colours.

After printing, our fabrics are sent to our sewing factory in Estonia. We have been working together with them since the start, so they really know us and our high quality standards. I learnt a lot about production from them, and here I am with Olga. She has sewn tens of thousands of our bags and cushion covers up until now. This fills me with respect. She and her well experienced colleagues know our collection and products from inside and out.